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Whether you prefer dry, sweet, semi, fruit wines, or otherwise, we're sure you'll find something you'll love.

Lafayette Red

Rich and full of flavor, the concord grape is straight-forward and uncomplicated.

Lafayette White

Made from niagara, a grape native to America, this wine is rich and fruity with a most enticing fragrance.

Lafayette Blush

Delicate, fruity, light and refreshing taste of a wine that once ruled as America's favorite.

Prophet's Rock Red

A medium bodied dry red with a great berry taste and hints of vanilla and oak.

Peter's Mill White

A medium bodied dry white with a delicate fruity aroma, light citrus flavor and a clean finish.

Aunt Minnie's Cherry Tree

Luscious flavor of fresh-picked cherries. This wine has been described as "cherry pie in a glass".


A crisp, semi-dry, full-bodied wine, our riesling is floral and aromatic with hints of citrus.


Dinstinctively fresh with fruity aromas and reminiscent of its parent grape Gewürztraminer, Traminette is Indiana's signature wine grape.


A blue-black grape that produces a beautiful sweet and spicy rose wine.

Cayuga White

A delicate subtle wine with flavors of pear, apricot, peach and apple, with pleasing floral bouquets.


A rich semi-dry wine with flavors of raspberry, cherry plus a hint of spice.

Harvest Cranberry

A semi-dry wine with an enticing aroma, deep red color and fresh flavor of American cranberries.

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  • Cayuga White
  • Lafayette Blush
  • Peter's Mill White


  • Peter's Mill White
  • Riesling


  • Cayuga White
  • Riesling


  • Prophet's Rock Red
  • Peter's Mill White


  • Steuben
  • Chambourcin


  • Chambourcin
  • Riesling


  • Aunt Minnie's Cherry Tree
  • Traminette
  • Lafayette Blush


  • Lafayette Red
  • Lafayette White
  • Chambourcin


Visit the winery and enjoy our wines along with the inviting hospitality of our hoosier farmhouse tasting room.

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